COMPLEX ON SALE           2019

multimedia project, Belgrade (SRB)
performance, video documentation, nose-shaped sculptures
Camera: Jovana Barović

 Screenshots from the video
In 2019, I decided to sell my complex on Ibarska Highway next to the complex of hospitality that had been for sale for years. More than a 100 plaster molds had been displayed on the street, while I made 300 lollipops shaped after my nose for the gallery sale. 

‘‘Dealing with her own complex leads the artist to a sculptural process in which she multiplies her nose in diametrically different materials - plaster and sugar. The duality brought about by the nose as
an object of pride, at the same time of lack of self-confidence and shame, opens a new dimension of relation to the complex of the body through its sales in institutional and non-institutional spaces.’’

About the exhibition in Šok Zadruga (Serbian)︎︎︎

Up: Solo shows at the KC GRAD, Belgrade and Šok Zadruga, Novi Sad (SRB)

     The lollipops were made in collaboration with the confectioner Živorad Bosiljčić.

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