Don’t worry, it’s out of control           2023
Nadja Kracunovic & Nicklas Koppe
performative large ensamble

Concept and music: Nicklas Koppe
Text and performance: Nadja Kracunovic
Ensamble: Julia Villarroel, Tara Sarter, Gervasio Tarragona, Daniel Moreno,
Felix Gerbig, Felix Neumann

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“Don’t worry, it’s out of control” is an interdisciplinary art duo tackling environmental collapses in forms such as large ensambles, concerts, performances, etc. The first piece was realized as an imaginary dream in the year 2100, it illustrates current climatic, ecological and social scenarios. Inspired by contemporary jazz, symphonic harmony and non-Western rhythms, combined with spoken word, present views and feelings towards the future are preserved in an artistic time capsule.

Nadja Kracunovic and Nicklas Koppe

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