Hydra            2023  video performance, 00:17:30

Performers: Denise Lee, Lucia Gonzalez, Rand Ibrahim, Laura Leal, Leila Keivan, Jana Imo
Camera: Yavor Krasimirov Minchev, FangSheng Chou
Sound: Yavor Krasimirov Minchev, Ilija Đorđević

 Photos: KulturHaus, Leipzig (DE), Museum of Contemporary Art   Skopje (MKD)

‘’Hydra’’ is a performative investigation, with the mission to master the individual female voices in the public space and dig into their unspoken, using the voice as a discipline in the discourse of personal agency and authenticity. The digging aims to dramatize the individual voices into a collective one – a matriarchal figure of voices in resistance to a patriarchal landscape, being a contemporary tale.

The piece, as a many-voiced Hydra creature, is a consequence of the process and voice workshops held by the artist, dealing with the autobiographies of the six female agents, their voices, tongues, and wombs, after which they chose one sound to place into the hole.


‘’Hydra’’ was awarded as a“Most Successful Artist and Work” at the 14th International Biennale of Young Artists at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje (MKD)

‘’Hydra’’ was kindly funded by the Frauenfonds and Diversitätfonds, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.

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