sex spies stereotypes          2021
media performance, Matthäikirche, Leipzig (GER)

Performers: Minhee Ahn, Nađa Kračunović
Camera: Jasper Venter, Roman Höbler
Sound: Wonchul Ji


SSS stands for spying, sex, and stereotypes while using this trinity in the spy film genre movie that will never come to the cinema.

Sexspionage is a global tool of the espionage trade, used by the KGB and its Committee for State Security of the Soviet Union. Western intelligence services used female agents to lure their Soviet-block adversaries into compromising situations or betraying secrets. Exploring the stereotypes, representation, and role of a female spy through the history of security policies in Europe while residing in Matthäikirche, the trailer investigates this position of a female agent using humor, fantasy while it explores the building of state security - Stasi.

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