Young Serbian Artist Adventures             2022-24
multimedia performative campaign


Young Serbian Artist Looking for an Art Job
Belgrade (SRB), Berlin, Leipzig, Weimar (GER)

Belgrade, Serbia


Young Serbian Artist Art Hotline
Porto (PT), Geneva (CH), Weimar (GER)

"Young Serbian Artist Adventures" is a series of adventures fueled and shaped by the active participation of its audience. Through different open calls, the protagonist offers various services, questioning and offering her artistic attributes.

Adventure 2022-3:
In order to fulfill one of the requirements for obtaining a German visa, a young Serbian artist sets out on an adventure to find a job in the art field. The poster with the open call was pasted in several cities in Germany, as well as in her home city, Belgrade. Within the project, until April 2023, Kracunovic has been offered 18 different artistic jobs: from which she was hired 2 times in Serbia, and 5 times in Germany.

Adventure 2024:
This second multimedia adventure serves as a hotline, allowing the public to engage in conversations with a young Serbian artist. Through these exchanges, callers can gain insights, share thoughts, ask questions, or simply share a joke or concern – anything they feel compelled to discuss or dare to ask.

Essentially, it is her – the young Serbian artist – who offers services, facilitates conversations and utilizes all her artistic attributes: tone of voice, strong Slavic accent, communication skills, ethnical background, personal history, and expertise in contemporary topics. This action humorously questions the role of the artist as a versatile communicator. By offering a range of services and fostering dialogue, Kracunovic playfully challenges the conventional notion of the
artist as solely a creator of art.

The adventure has taken place between 4th - 18th June 2024 parrallely in three different locations (Porto, Geneva, Weimar). 

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