Future Nostalgia FM           2021 experimental imaginary radio station

FN FM Episode 1︎︎︎
Futurology Kiosk Project︎︎︎

Initiator: Nadja Kracunovic
The radio team: Nadja Kracunovic (SRB), Denise Lee (USA, Hong Kong, David Bilek (DE), Dean Ruddock (DE)

Exhibition at the Footnote Center, Bijenale Mladih, Belgrade (SRB)

Dear listeners, welcome to Future Nostalgia FM︎︎︎, our «time capsule». This is the home to all tiny utopias. We offer you possible scenarios and alternative futures. Our content goes far away from what is known. Its fictional nature allows one’s imagination to simply float. Before the radio starts, I would like to remind you to never stop speculating on your future.

‘’Future Nostalgia FM’’ is an experimental, imaginary radio station that deals with the constant uncertainty of our times, combining speculative storytelling, sounds, and audios that overlap eras - from the distant past to the possible future. Its narrative wavers between speculations, aspirations, alternative versions, and perspectives of reality.

The project was conceptualized as an imaginary radio, it was often played through already existing radio stations like RadioAparat in Belgrade, generations.fm within Kultursymposium Weimar, radio CORAX in Halle, bauhaus.fm and Radio Lotte in Weimar and radio program of the Hörspielsommer in Leipzig 2021.

Kultursymposium Weimar 2021, ‘’Speculative radio’’ interview with Tina Klatte (generations.fm)

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